Our projects aren't just about returns, they're about creating long-term value and improving lives.

As a platform company under the Venture Studio of Brickstone Africa, we follow the impact and ESG Guidelines as laid down by Brickstone  Infrasructure Acceleration Programme (Bricksone InfraLAB) .

Brickstone Infralab recognizes the need for its platform Companies to be enviromentally, socially and corporately responsible, and that our projects our projects need to offer long-term economic, social and environmental dividends to the communities in which they exist. To this end Brickstone InfraLAB has developed an innovative and unique Impact and ESG tool, the Brickstone Infrastructure Impact & ESG Management System – BIMS.

Core to this system is successfully integrating impact and ESG throughout the investment life cycle of its projects. BIIMS adopts comprehensive global impact guidelines and active ESG investment principles for application across all our investment opportunities.

Learn more about Brickstone Brickstone Infrastructure Impact and ESG Management System – (BIMS)

Sustainable Mid-Stream Transport Infrastructure Solutions for Africa

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